iOS 14 home screen ideas - Abstract

Our new iOS 14 home screen icons now come as an abstract illustrated set. These will add some bespoke flare to your iPhone home screen. Creating a more cohesive, calming and stylish effect. You'll receive a pack of 30 icons. Plus you'll also get 2 simple wallpaper background - light and dark.

Digital download includes: 
30 Abstract Icons
2 Simple Background Wallpapers (Light & Dark)

How to install shortcuts: 

  1. After your purchase, click the button allowing you instantly download the files to your iPhone. Ideally download it to your iPhone 'Files' into your 'iCloud Drive' downloads folder. Most iPhones will do this automatically.
  2. Once downloaded into your iCloud Drive you can click on the file and it will unzip, allowing you to access the files.
  3. Open the iOS shortcut app and click on the '+' to add a new shortcut
  4. Click on '+ Add Action'
  5. Select 'Scripting' icon
  6. Select 'Open App'
  7. Click 'Choose' and select the app you want to create a shortcut to
  8. Click on the 3 dot menu on the top right
  9. Add a shortcut name for Siri, then click 'Add to Home Screen
  10. You will see two icons, click the lower second icon (blue line around it).
  11. Add your new icons by selecting 'Choose File'
  12. Goto your downloaded files and choose the icon you want to add
  13. Once added give your shortcut a name
  14. Click on “Add” and the icon will be placed on your home screen.

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